Atherton Management Services: Improve Process and Productivity – Reduce Business Costs – Increase Profits.


TODAYS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IS GLOBAL  Our clients are now engaging us to  “Generate Opportunities”  and to “DRIVE”  Process Improvement initiatives:-  To turn an opportunity into reality…

Atherton Management Services: We use our cross sector experience and knowledge gained from working in manufacturing – automotive – electronics – engineering – food – print – bio-pharm – woodworking – NHS etc…

If your companies business is Local, European or Global, we can help you take opportunity and  ideas forward to improve your business in order to improve process, productivity, production, profits and sales from new markets…


Small Process Improvement:   “Create BIG gains”

Typical Saving;  From process improvements, circa £50,000 – £2,000,000 per project…

Sales Generation;  From process improvements depends on the extent of improvement. circa £2M +  per project


We Can Help You:-


  • Define – Opportunity for Improvement.
  • Measure – Present State Operation.
  • Analyse – Present State,  Develop Ideas.
  • Improve – and Implement Future State Solutions.
  • Control – and Document Sustainable Measures.
  • Plan the Future – through Continuous Improvement Planning.


We Can Help You,  Make Change Happen:-

Hands-on-Approach: Design, Develop, Improve and Facilitate Change to find the Ultimate Business Model.

Methodologies: Lean – Six Sigma – 5S – KPI – SPC – OEE – SMED – TPM – DFA – DFM – MTM – WCM

Techniques: Time and Motion – Cycle Time Measurement – Method Study – MTM Study – Activity Sampling

Factory Floor Layout Design – Lean Flow Process Design – Ergonomic Cell Design – Flow Line Balancing

Warehouse Layout Design – Inventory, Supermarket, Kanban Organisation and Optimization

Root Cause Analysis – Process Mapping – Value Stream Mapping – Process Charting

Visual Management – Continuous Improvement

Common Sense Engineering…



Process Improvement to Create an Opportunity For Sales Growth.

E.G.  Packing Cream Cakes……..  ( 40hrs/wk – 52 wks/yr )


  • For Example lets run 3 production lines:-Doughnuts Lean-line
  • 12 people per line packing 1260 / hr. at 70% perf.
  • Lets now apply LEAN “Flow-Line Balancing”
  • 8  people now packing 1800 / hr. at 100% perf.
  • Lets now run 4 lines instead of 3 lines:-
  • 8  people per line + a runner = 36 people
  • Sales Generated from Process Improvement = circa £2.5M


Atherton Management Services:  We help people in business improve their business.