We Help People In Manufacturing Improve Process and Productivity – Reduce Business Costs – Increase Profits, Cash Flow.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IS GLOBAL and “LOCAL”  Our business clients engage us to  “Find, Lead and Drive”  LEAN Manufacturing Process Improvements – To find Cost Savings and Hard Cash…

We Can Help You:-

Company History: We formed in 1986, “To help people in business, improve their business“. Time and Motion – Work Study – Management Services – LEAN Continuous Improvement…

Over The Years: We have helped many companies improve their businesses. Working predominantly in the UK but also France, Czech Republic, Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands.

We Can Help You:  Implement LEAN Manufacturing principles. We don’t tell you what you should do. We give you Hands-On-Help to improve your process, productivity, profits and cash flow…

We Focus On:  KPIs, OEE, WCM. Factory Layouts, Work Methods, Material Use, Manning Levels, Product Quality, Scrap Reduction and Procedures…

Background:  Manufacturing – Aerospace – Automotive – Electronics – Engineering – Medical – Food – Print – Ink – Woodworking – White Goods – Pharmaceutical – NHS etc…

Achievements Delivered:  LEAN Process Improvements with Cost Savings, circa £50,000 – £2,000,000 per project…

We Can Help You:-


  • Implement LEAN
  • Improve KPIs, OEE
  • Reduce Scrap Levels
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Improve Process & Efficiency
  • Improve Cash Flow and Profits

We Can Help You,  Make Change Happen:-

Hands-on-Approach: Design, Develop, Improve and Facilitate Change to find the Ultimate Business Model.

Methodologies: Lean – Six Sigma – 5S – KPI – SPC – OEE – SMED – TPM – DFA – DFM – MTM – WCM

Techniques: Time and Motion – Cycle Time Measurement – Method Study – MTM Study – Activity Sampling

Factory Floor Layout Design – Lean Flow Process Design – Ergonomic Cell Design – Flow Line Balancing

Warehouse Layout Design – Inventory, Supermarket, Kanban Organisation and Optimization

Root Cause Analysis – Process Mapping – Value Stream Mapping – Process Charting

Visual Management – Continuous Improvement

Common Sense Engineering…


Process Improvement to Create an Opportunity For Sales Growth.

E.G.  Packing Cream Cakes……..  40hrs/wk – 52 wks/yr.

  • Lets run 3 production lines, 36 people:-Doughnuts Lean-line
  • 12 people per line packing 1260 / hr. at 70% perf.
  • Lets now apply LEAN “Flow-Line Balancing”
  • 8  people now packing 1800 / hr. at 100% perf.
  • Lets now run 4 lines instead of 3 lines:-
  • 8  people per line + a runner = 36 people
  • Sales Generated from Process Improvement = circa £2.5M

Atherton Management Services:  We help people in business improve their business.