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There is too much variation

Printers – Oil Filled Radiators – Phones – Inks – Cleaners  –


Printers :-

One manufacturer is advertising 6 different A4 models…

I had a Canon PIXMA 6550 until it died – I had to buy a Canon PIXMA 6850

Same printer but INK is Different  –  WHY ????

Think about the manufacturing costs by  “Too Much Variation”

  • New Tooling development costs
  • New Ink development and costs
  • Machine tooling set up costs
  • Assembly change over costs
  • Planning and scheduling issues
  • Quality and NPI planning issues
  • Inventory and warehousing costs
  • Supplier issues and extra cost to suppliers
  • Delivery issues and extra costs related to deliveries
  • Shops NOT having what the customer actually wants

The more variations made : –

  • The slower the manufacturing process –
  • The more manufacturing problems there will be –
  • The more rejects and scrap there will be produced –
  • The more difficult the customer will find it to choose –
  • The customer will NOT buy, “Frustrated”

Think about Mavis in Arkwright’s Shop.   –  2″  is too much choice !!!

Oil Filled Radiators:-

One manufacturer is advertising 12 models.

  • 0.5kW, 1.0kW, 1.5kW, 2.0kW, 2.5kW
  • 3 years guarantee, 5 years guarantee, 10 years guarantee,

WHY ??????

Henry Ford said:-

“You can have any colour you want as long as it is black”

Cars came of the production line every 60 seconds… “PROBABLY”

  • and they were cheap…
  • and they were  ‘Fit For Purpose’
  • and they were produced, ‘Single-Piece-Flowline’

Edwards Deming said:-

Adopt the new philosophy.

  • Design products and services to meet customers’ needs.
  • Put your customers’ needs first, rather than to competitive pressure.
  • Be prepared for change in the way business is done – Leading, not simply managing or reacting.
  • Create your quality vision, and implement it – “Fit For Purpose” not cheap and nasty.
  • Provide support and resources so that production levels and quality are achievable.
  • Look at how the process is carried out – Not just numerical targets.
  • Measure the process rather than the people behind the process.


For implementation of these principles :-

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Published Date: 25th August 2017
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Process Improvement

Process Improvement

A Vision Of Improvement,

Implementation and Control

For A Better Business

Principles Of Improvement

  • What does the Customer expect? – External / Internal
  • Eliminate ‘Non-Value Added’ Systems and Procedures
  • Customer ‘Pull Through’
  • Time Management
  • Best Buy Policy
  • Accountability
  • Quality, Cost, Delivery
  • Supplier Understanding
  • Set Standards and Standardise
  • Better Fiscal / Cost Management
  • Best use of Resources available – involve and empower
  • What does the Customer want – a washing machine or a clean shirt

 Applying Improvement

  • Staff Champions – For Internal Ownership
  • Measure and Map Primary and Secondary Processes
  • Implement ‘Lean’   Process Principles
  • Reduce Inventory
  • Eliminate / Reduce Waste
  • Better Utilization of Space
  • Remove or Refine Repetition
  • Create Time to Manage – Analyse and Plan
  • Strengthen Basic Discipline to Procedures and H & S
  • Better Planning – Shorter and More Effective Lead Times
  • Effective Visual Management – KPIs, Targets, Achievements
  • Improve Communication – Inter Departmental ManagerStaff

Improvement Through  “LEAN”

  • Remove – Non-Value Procedures & Operations
  • Reduce or Eliminate – Waiting
  • Reduce – Inventory
  • Reduce – Process Motion
  • Reduce – Process Time
  • Reduce – Over Processing
  • Reduce – Product Variation
  • Eliminate – Rework & Repair
  • Right Size – Manufacturing Area
  • Encourage – Energy Management
  • Exceed In – Perfection in What the Customer Wants

For implementation of these principles :-

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Published Date: 7th April 2015
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