Case Study – Workshop Improvement

People do the same thing – day after day after day after day… WHY ?

Doing the same thing day after day can hold back any business from getting product out the door & improving profits… The business becomes stagnant and sales become “uninspiring”… By reviewing just 3 things it is possible to increase production, productivity and profits…

Design For Profit


  • Time and Motion Study
  • Workplace Layout Design
  • Inventory Organisation

20% or even a 100% improvement in production and productivity can be achieved…


One of our associates helped a company in 2022 to achieve a projected improvement of 30%+ in production by applying these 3 industrial engineering principles…

  • Project:- 4 weeks working with the company
  • 1. Designing and implementing a new workshop layout
  • 2. Designing and implementing inventory re-organisation
  • 3. Time and Motion Study highlighted where methods could be improved
  • The project work highlighted circa £200k increase in profit could be achieved…



For over 30 years we’ve designed and implemented “Business Improvement” Projects.

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