Simple Manufacturing Improvement Ideas

Every business is on a journey: “you buy stuff – you make stuff – you sell stuff”… hoping to make profit.

Simple: Today everybody wants to improve what they do – Everybody wants to earn and spend more & more money… SO: How can we do simple...

Over Engineered


  • Design OUT Complicated Product Design
  • Design OUT Complicated Work Processes
  • Design OUT Non-Value Waste and Clutter
  • Design IN Simple Manufacturing Methods
  • Design IN Simple Workplace Floor Layout
  • Write Simple Standard Work Procedures
Design Out Non-Value Clutter


  • Remove – Non-Value Procedures & Operations
  • Reduce or Eliminate – Waiting
  • Reduce – Inventory Clutter
  • Reduce – Process Motion
  • Reduce – Process Time
  • Reduce – Over Processing
  • Right Size – Manufacturing Area
  • Eliminate – Rework – Repair – Scrap
  • Apply – Simple, Standardise, Reduce Variation


  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Improved process and productivity
  • Improved Cash, Cash-Flow, Sales and Profits

We Have To Change Our Way Of Thinking In “The Race To ZERO”



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