We Can Help You Improve Process, Production, Productivity and Profits…


We live in a demanding world – However the application of Lean Manufacturing Principles will reduce costs…

  • We improved product work flow and warehouse organisation – Generated savings, circa €500k / yr
  • We designed new workplace layouts, kitting and kanban organisation – Generated savings, circa €1.3M / yr

What.are.your.daily.issues ?

  • Targets
  • Process Downtime
  • Inventory Not Organised
  • Poor Quality, Rejects, Scrap
  • Not Hitting Customer Delivery Dates


  • Process Improvement
  • Inventory Organisation
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Improved Process Efficiency
  • Improved Machine Up-time


  • Identify opportunities –
  • Investigate issues –
  • Analyse findings –
  • Develop ideas –
  • Implement change –
  • Set out Controls –

Services We Offer:

Process Mapping and Value Stream Mapping:

Process Mapping: basically is about documenting “Who does What and When”. How Long do critical operations take. What is the value stream… (admin, shop-floor, material flow)… We can help you find Non-Value Waste and invisible costs to transform your business, improving cash-flow and profits…


Machine Breakdown and Stoppage Analysis:

Machine down-time often goes un-noticed and production numbers suffer… We can help you to analyse machine breakdowns, machine downtime, rejects and scrap levels – Total Planned Maintenance and SMED are the key to improve process, production, productivity and profits…


We can Write Standardised Work Process Procedures:

It is generally understood that if a drawing, procedure or instruction is written, then everyone will understand them. “This is not always true” Many procedures can be mis-read or not understood…

Temporary contract operators are expected to “do the job” and get the product quality right, without first being trained. SO, procedures need to be SIMPLE to be understood…

  • Standard Operation Procedures – to improve operator performance and quality.
  • Planned Maintenance Procedures – to improve up-time, production and productivity.
  • Quality Standards – to improve operator awareness, skill levels and customer satisfaction.

We Can Help You:

We look for “Non-Value Waste”. Waste in Time – Inventory – Movement – Waiting – Over-processing – Over-production – Scrap – Rejects – OEE – Machine Breakdowns.

We give hands-on-help:- We Identify opportunities – Measure present state situation – Analyse and Develop ideas – Implement Sustainable Change…

Financial Benefits:

We’ve generated for our clients between £50k and £2.0M per project…

For over 30 years we’ve designed and implemented “Continuous Improvement” Projects.

Atherton Management Services Ltd:  We help people in business improve their business.

Please Contact Us, tell us your issues – tell us how you would like to improve your business. 

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