Every SME could generate Thousands of Pounds By Reducing Non-Value Waste


You Can’t See Energy Waste – Or Can You?” Energy Costs A Lot of Dosh… Machine breakdowns – stoppages – rejects – poor processes – over processing – over production – lack of training, all Wastes Money.

NHS Energy Waste


  • Machines making rejects
  • Machines re-making product
  • Operators not trained effectively
  • Lighting ON when NOT required
  • Over Processing and Over Production


Production Waste


  • Monitor Energy Use:- Electric, Gas, Water…
  • Turn OFF machines and lighting when not in use…
  • Listen for AIR LEAKS and WATER DRIPS and repair…
  • Train People – Energy Waste Awareness…
  • Implement – TPM / SMED / LEAN / KPIs
  • Adopt the “Right First Time” policy…

LEAN Process Improvement is one route to Energy Management…

LEAN Process Improvement is the route to “THE RACE TO ZERO”


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