LEAN FACTORY LAYOUTS – Line Design, Line Balancing.

We Can Help You Improve Floor Layouts and Warehouse Organisation…


The KEY to cutting Non-Value Waste and to Reduce Costs – is Shop-floor and Inventory Organisation…

  • We Re-designed 3 warehouses, implemented inventory stock level organisation – cash gain circa £1.9M
  • We Implemented Process improvement giving 27% extra – projected sales improvement worth £2.0M


What.are.your.daily.issues ?

  • Bottlenecks
  • Waiting Time
  • Looking For “Stuff”
  • Workplace Not Organised

We.can.help you:

  • Design A Factory Layout
  • Improve Workplace Layouts
  • Design Single-Piece-Flow-Lines
  • Improve Inventory Organisation

Financial Benefits:

  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Improved Productivity
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Global Growth Potential

Services We Offer:

Factory Floor Layout Design:

We can help you create a LEAN  factory layout that will improve production flow. We can design balanced flow-lines, single-piece-flow lines and re-engineer a work cell or bench layout to reduce bottle-necks and improve ‘End-to-End’ production time… Change will also reduce your environmental footprint…


Plant and Equipment Layout Design:

We can help you design a LEAN plant and machinery layout. We can analyse Overall Equipment Efficiency, implement TPM / SMED to reduce machine breakdowns, stoppages, scrap and rejects. This will improve machine reliability, machine uptime, product quality, production numbers, productivity and profits…


We Can Help You:

We look for “Non-Value Waste”. Waste in Time – Inventory – Movement – Waiting – Over-processing – Over-production – Scrap – Rejects – OEE – Machine Breakdowns.

We give hands-on-help:- We Identify opportunities – Measure present state situation – Analyse and Develop ideas – Implement Sustainable Change…

Financial Benefits:

We’ve generated for our clients between £50k and £2.0M per project…

For over 30 years we’ve designed and implemented “Continuous Improvement” Projects.

Atherton Management Services Ltd:  We help people in business improve their business.

Please Contact Us, tell us your issues – tell us how you would like to improve your business.

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