WE now know about Climate Change and what is causing it; But what can we do in manufacturing to reduce the effect… Is it possible to reduce Non-Value Waste and Improve Profits at the same time… Answer YES…

Climate Change is now bringing a new commitment to manufacturing… But we need to eliminate Non-Value Waste… We NOW need to re-evaluate the way we think in order to achieve “The Race To Zero.”

Production Waste


  • 1.The Reduction Of Waste: Rejects, Scrap, Over Processing, Over Production
  • 2.Continuous Improvement: Design In Quality – Eliminate Mixed Materials
  • 3.Implement Quality Awareness: Training and Total Planned Maintenance
  • 4.Adopt “Simple” Product & ProcessStandardise – Reduce Variation
  • 5.Implement LEAN Manufacturing Principles: It will improve any business and will increase production, productivity and profits…
Continuous Improvement

Implementing Continuous Improvement Techniques and Lean Manufacturing Principles WILL improve any business;

  • 1.Improving Processes
  • 2.Improving Production
  • 3.Improving Quality
  • 4.Improving Profits

Below are 2 PDFs with ideas on “Continuous Improvement”

“CHANGE” will bring you “The Competitive Edge” greater cash-flow, higher growth potential.

We now have a duty to reduce the damage we are doing to our planet Earth. Not for us but for our children’s children… For Further Information Please Contact Us. We Need to Support the RACE TO ZERO…