Specialists at Finding Cost Savings from Process Improvement…

We help people reduce costs – Improve Process, Quality, Profits and Cash Flow.

As markets and technologies shift and advance, organizations can reduce costs and improve sales by implementing LEAN Manufacturing Principles.



Manufacturing:- Running a business is like  “steering a ship on the sea”.

Daily you come across “Icebergs”. :-

People run round and round doing the same thing – day after day, week after week… “Headless Chicken Syndrome” Talking and moaning  about the same problems…

But people only see what is visible – NOT what is underneath, “The Root Cause”,  Production stoppages, rejects, machine breakdowns, scrap, late deliveries, quality problems…

People don’t have time to see Non-Value, “Process Waste”

LEAN MANUFACTURING: Is the reduction of Non-Value Waste: Transport – Inventory – Motion – Waiting – Over Production – Over Processing – Defects from Rejects and Scrap… Machine Downtime…


We Can Help You:

Energy Waste Roads

  • Simplify Process
  • Reduce Non-value waste
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Improve Business Cash Flow
  • Improve Your Business Profits

We look ‘beyond the obvious’ to find innovative solutions…

Innovative solutions to reduce your business costs:-

  • We would analyse machine OEE, Tool Change, Breakdowns, Stoppages.
  • We would look at the “Root Cause” and Effect – Implement “Change”
  • We would reduce your electricity bills and gas bills.