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LEAN Manufacturing:- Running a business is like  “steering a ship on the sea”.

Daily you come across “Icebergs”. Production Numbers, Quality, Scrap, Machine Breakdowns, Late Deliveries, KPIs, OEE…

But you only see what is visible – NOT what is underneath, The Root Cause…  What is causing rejects, scrap, machine breakdowns, late deliveries…

People don’t have time to see Non-Value Added, “Process Waste”

LEAN MANUFACTURING: Is the reduction of Non-Value Waste: Transport – Inventory – Motion – Waiting – Over Production – Over Processing – Defects from Rejects and Scrap… Also Machine Downtime…


Energy Management:  Energy bills can be reduced by implementing LEAN Manufacturing Techniques:  Reducing machine breakdowns, stoppages – Reducing rejects, scrap – Reducing over processing – Reducing WASTE…

Energy Waste Roads

Street lighting can cost councils £1,000 per mile.
Street lighting savings could be over 50%.  £500+ per mile…

  • The use of LED would save thousands £££
  • Over-lit areas could be switched “OFF”  to reduce costs…

Financial Benefits:-

We look ‘beyond the obvious’ to find innovative solutions.


Innovative solutions to reduce energy costs:-

  • We look at what you use – how it is used.
  • We would look at what you use and waste.
  • We would apply energy management solutions.
  • We would reduce your electricity bills and gas bills.