Continuous Improvement In Manufacturing

Energy Management in Manufacturing

Continuous Improvement, Lean Process Management, Lean Energy Management – We help people reduce costs.


Management of Energy in Manufacturing. People don’t have time to see Energy Waste.  “You only see it – If you are looking for it”.

Over-lit areas  on 24/7 can be reduced,  it’s not rocket science.

Energy Management in Service Sector, NHS. Electricity bills can be reduced by implementing energy management solutions, saving jobs, helping the economy.

Energy Waste Roads

Street lighting can cost councils £1,000 per mile.
Street lighting savings could be over 50%.  £500+ per mile…

  • The use of LED would save thousands £££
  • Over-lit areas could be switched “OFF”  to reduce costs…

Financial Benefits:-

We look ‘beyond the obvious’ to find innovative solutions.


Innovative solutions to reduce energy costs:-

  • We look at what you use – how it is used.
  • We would look at what you use and waste.
  • We would apply energy management solutions.
  • We would reduce your electricity bills and gas bills.