We Can Help You Improve Productivity, Cash Flow and Profits…

We help people reduce costs – Improve Process, Quality, Profits and Cash Flow.

We are LEAN Industrial Engineering Specialists: We help people in business reduce costs, improve productivity and profits – It starts by implementing LEAN Manufacturing Principles.

Look around you, what do you see… It starts with an open eye, a vision, an opportunity…

Running a business is like  “steering a ship on the sea”.

Daily you come across “Icebergs”. :-

Engineers, Managers and Directors run round doing the same thing – day after day, week after week… Talking about the same problems… But not finding the real solution…  “Headless Chicken Syndrome”…

People only see what is visible – NOT where the opportunity is.

We Can Help You:-  We harness the power of experience, knowledge and with an “open eye”  look for the real root cause to turn opportunity and innovative ideas into process improvement and economic impact…

Opportunity; Opens the mind – It reveals what others don’t see and turns opportunity into profit.

Today businesses need  “Innovation,  NOT Stagnation” – Design IN Simple – Standardize – Reduce Variation.

LEAN MANUFACTURING: Is the reduction of Non-Value Waste: Transport – Inventory – Motion – Waiting – Over Production – Over Processing – Defects – Rejects and Scrap… Machine Downtime…

We Can Help You:-

  • Improve KPIs, OEE
  • Reduce Scrap Levels
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Improve Process & Efficiency
  • Improve Cash Flow and Profits

We look ‘beyond the obvious’ to find innovative solutions…

Innovative solutions to reduce your business costs:-

  • We could look at Machine OEE, Tool Change, Breakdowns, Stoppages
  • We could look at your Operation, Process, Production, Productivity
  • We could look at your Product Quality, Rejects and Scrap Levels
  • We could look at your Procedures – and apply “SIMPLE”

Edwards Deming said:- Adopt the new philosophy.

Atherton Management Services:  We help people in business improve their business.

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