We Can Help You Improve Process, Productivity, Sales and Profits


We Are LEAN Industrial Engineers and Business Improvement Consultants.

We.help.people.in.business.improve their business and reduce costs.

  • We design and organise factories to improve processes.
  • We find, drive and implement process improvements.
  • We implement improvements to increase profits…


We look ‘beyond the obvious’ to find innovative solutions…

Innovative solutions to reduce your business costs:-

  • Reduce Non-Value Waste
  • Reduce Machine Down-time
  • Improve Process, Productivity, Profits
  • Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction


  • Factory Organisation
  • Warehouse Organisation
  • Lean Process Improvement
  • Time and Motion Study Analysis
  • Write Work and Quality Procedures


  • Improve KPIs, OEE
  • Reduce Scrap Levels
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Improve Process & Efficiency
  • Improve Cash Flow, Sales and Profits


We Can Help You:

We’ve generated for our clients between £50k and £2.0M per project…

For over 30 years we’ve designed and implemented “Continuous Improvement” Projects.

Atherton Management Services Ltd:  We help people in business improve their business.

Please Contact Us, tell us your issues – tell us how you would like to improve your business.

For More Information – Please call us…  UK – 07970 333 466 or Contact Us By E-Mail