We Can Help You Implement Continuous Improvement Projects

We help people reduce costs – Improve Process, Productivity, Profits and Cash Flow.




  • We Reduce Non-Value Waste.
  • We Reduce Rejects, Scrap and Costs.
  • We Improve Process, Productivity, Profits.


  • IE; Deals with “CHANGE”  optimisation of complex processes or systems: Development – Improvement – Implementation – Process Control – Standardisation…
  • IE; Deals with Factory Layouts – Process Methods – Product Build Time – Product Quality – Tooling Issues – Machine Down Time – Scrap and Rejects – Materials Organisation – Manning Levels – Written Procedures – Energy Management – Analysis and Synthetics of Production Data..

6 Sigma:  Opportunity_to_Change.

  • Define- The Root Cause, Benefits to the customer, Benefits to the company.
  • Measure- Aspects of the current process and collect relevant data.
  • Analyse- The data to verify root causes.
  • Improve- The process based on data collected.
  • Control- The process. Create Standard Operating Procedures.

Seven Wastes:  Reduction_of_Non-Value.

  • Transportation- Excessive movement of “anything”.
  • Inventory- Over Stocked “Stuff” on a shelf collecting dust.
  • Motion- Movement of the body. Reaching, Bending, Walking.
  • Waiting- People Idle not producing. Waiting for parts or people.
  • Over Production- Making too many or too much, parts not required.
  • Over Processing- Too many operations in the process. End-to-End.
  • Defects- Re-Works, Repairs due to a build, drawing, machining error.
  • Resources- People. The 8th Waste…  People Idle.

5S Cell Improved Lean-line

5S:  Organisation_of_Everything.

  • SORT. What is needed, Remove what is not needed.
  • SET. Organise What is Needed.
  • SHINE. Tidy Area and Keep Clean.
  • STANDARDISE. Organise Process, Reduce Variation.
  • SUSTAIN. Maintain with Process Controls.
  • SAFETY. A Place for Everything – Everything in it’s Place
  • SELL. Everything today has value to someone.

Kanban:  Organisation_of_Materials:- Create ORDER from DISORDER.

  • Optimise Stock Levels
  • Management of Stock Levels
  • Organise & Optimise Pick-Zones
  • Controls that Improve Cash Flow


SMED:  Single_Minute_Exchange_of_Die

  • Reduction of Non-Value
  • Reduction of Changeovers
  • Reduction of Machine Set Up Time
  • Increased Production and Productivity

Crushed in machine

T.P.M: Total_Planned_Maintenance:- Prevention not Repair.

  • To Improve Machine Up-time
  • To Keep Machines Hitting Targets
  • To Increase Production and Productivity
  • To Increase Sales from Global Business Growth

K.P.I’s: Key_Performance_Indicators:->> Visual Management. 

  • Production Target / Achieved
  • Quality Yield Numbers
  • Downtime Pareto
  • Rejects Pareto

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