We Can Help You Improve Warehouse and Stock Organisation…


Warehouse and Stock Organisation Does Matter – If you can’t find IT – You Can’t Sell IT…

  • Having an organised warehouse will improve picking, production and customer satisfaction…
  • Having an organised warehouse will improve profits by thousands of Pounds and improve cash-flow…


What are your daily issues ?

  • Stock Not Organised
  • Inventory Hard To Find
  • Stock-taking, Taking Too Long
  • Losing Valuable Production Time

We can help you:

  • Stock Organisation
  • Improve Picking Time
  • Improve Min-Max Levels
  • Reduce Inventory Stock Costs

Financial Benefits:

  • Reduced Stock Costs
  • Reduced Scrap Levels
  • Improved Cash-Flow
  • Improved Profits


Services We Offer:

Warehouse and Inventory Organisation:

We can help you design a LEAN Warehouse. Kitting areas, Supermarkets and Kanbans. Organise and Optimise parts and Inventory.  Being organised will increase your businesses productivity, cash-flow and is the key to on-time production, on-time deliveries and higher profits…


We Can Help You:

We look for “Non-Value Waste”. Waste in Time – Inventory – Movement – Waiting – Over-processing – Over-production – Scrap – Rejects – OEE – Machine Breakdowns.

We give hands-on-help:- We Identify opportunities – Measure present state situation – Analyse and Develop ideas – Implement Sustainable Change…

Financial Benefits:

We’ve generated for our clients between £50k and £2.0M per project…

For over 30 years we’ve designed and implemented “Continuous Improvement” Projects.

Atherton Management Services Ltd:  We help people in business improve their business.

Please Contact Us, tell us your issues – tell us how you would like to improve your business.

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