We Can Help You Reduce Machine Stoppages and Breakdowns.


Many of us wait till we are sick to see a doctor: But taking preventative measures are much, much better… Implementing Total Planned Maintenance will reduce machine downtime and improve productivity.

Poor Maintenance


  • Endless machine stoppages
  • Endless machine repairs
  • Lack of plant control
  • Lost cash and profits
  • Lost production costing £
  • Invisible Costs in Energy Waste
Poor Design


  • Total Planned Maintenance
  • Reduction in breakdowns
  • Reduction in rejects
  • Increased machine up-time
  • Improved machine planning
  • Improved housekeeping and H&S
Poor Housekeeping


Services We Offer:

Machine Stoppage Analysis:

Machine down-time often goes un-noticed and production numbers suffer…

We can help you to analyse machine breakdowns, machine downtime, rejects and scrap levels… OEE – SMED – Total Planned Maintenance are the key to improve production, productivity and profits…


For over 30 years we’ve designed and implemented “Continuous Improvement” Projects.

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